Laying turf in hot weather

on a lovely sunny day, you can’t beat a picnic on the lawn

Summer is finally here – better late than never and if your lawn is looking  tired and worn out, you might be wanting to re-turf it so that you’ll have a  beautiful lawn for picnicking, sunbathing, family gatherings.


Turf can be laid at any time of year but in very hot weather conditions, rolled up turf starts to compost and rot very quickly indeed. 


Here are Q Lawns’ top tips for laying turf in hot weather…..

  1. Order from a reputable supplier and have the turf delivered direct from the grower, that way it will be fresher
  2. Prepare the ground BEFORE your turf is delivered
  3. Start laying turf AS SOON AS IT ARRIVES
  4. Store turf in a cool dry place while it’s waiting to be laid. 
  5. Make turf stacks or pallets as small as possible, instead of taking turf from one pallet at a time, take some rolls from each pallet
  7. Irrigate each section as soon as it’s laid
  8. Water well every evening until roots are established
  9. Wear sunscreen! especially on the back of your neck….




  1. It is worth watering well the previous day so that there is moisture to encourage root growth. Watering through the turf is not easily achieved.

    • Absolutely right Gordon, turf will always be happiest when laid onto moist soil – might be a good idea to wet the soil as soon as possible before laying though….that way you’ll lose less water to evaporation. Even though we’ve had lots and lots of rain yesterday and all of the water companies have lifted their hosepipe bans, it’s always good to be water-wise.
      Using a pre-turfing lawn feed will also help roots establish quickly.

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